Looking for the finest locations to go hiking around Bangalore? When was the last time you gasped for air in quest of something you hadn’t seen before? The entire globe is sick of hiding behind those masks and stifling their breath. The following is a list of the greatest hiking spots around Bangalore.

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Bangalore offers a variety of short hikes that will complement your vacation plans. You’re missing out on some awesome fun if you haven’t gone hiking around Bangalore! This post will serve as a helpful reference to the ten greatest hiking spots in Bangalore that you will not regret visiting. Now is the ideal moment to leave the bustle of cities behind and relax in the beauty of nature. So let’s get right in to learn about the heart-stopping and enthralling short hikes near Bangalore.

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You can also check out Dudhsagar trek which starts from bangalore, but located in Goa, it is the most beautiful trek as you see waterfalls at the top of the mountains.

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Getting to the Trekking Spots from Bangalore:

From Bangalore, one may take the bus or rail and then rent a car or cab (Ola Outstation). The distance between each of the locations listed below is an estimate from Bangalore (M.G.Road).

Skandagiri Hill Trek:

If Nandi Hills is the only spot you’ve heard of, let me tell you about Skandagiri, also known as Kalavara Durga, which is located in the Chikballapur district. The hike to the summit begins at Papagani Temple, which is easily accessible from Bangalore.

Because the walk to the summit can take up to two hours, it is recommended that you arrive at the hike base around 3 a.m. to watch the stunning dawn with the never-ending waves of clouds. Skandagiri also features two caves along its whole span, as well as one of Tippu Sultan’s forts that is now in ruins.

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 Savandurga Trek:

The climb begins at the Sri Lakshmi Narasimhawaran Temple. The topography of this region is a mix of muddy areas, sparse trees, and granite cliffs. It takes around 15-20 minutes to get to the peak. This is a relatively easy hike that you can do alone or in a group.

The view from the summit is worth it, as it offers a breathtaking vista of the lush green trees and endless bends of the Thippagondanahalli reservoirs in both Magadi and Ramanagara. It is recommended that you spend around 30 minutes at the peak to enjoy an excellent 360-degree panoramic perspective of the area.

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Ramanagara Trek:

Located in the Ramanagara area, which is also known as “Silk City.” Ramanagara is surrounded by seven hills, making it a good place for day excursions and treks. To reach the summit, you must climb 400 stairs. Ramanagara is around 50 kilometres from Bangalore and is famous for its pioneering rock climbing endeavours.

When seen from four different angles, the hills surrounding Ramanagara show striking similarities. Because it will be cool, it is best to begin the walk early in the morning. During the monsoons, this area may be difficult to navigate because to the slick rocks and abundance of leeches. You will be able to witness a great picturesque vista of dense green foliage from the summit.

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Devarayanadurga Trek:

The months of March through April are ideal for visiting DD Hills. The trail begins near the base of the hill, at a modest brick-and-mortar construction that resembles a turret tower. The fort at DD Hills, which can be viewed from Bhoga Narsimha Temple, is located on a hilltop.

If you want to travel even further up the hill, to the peak, the walk is 2km long and takes 30-40 minutes. You may have to cope with some difficult terrain and climb a few stones along the route. A little mandap at the summit provides the most amazing view of the temple at the bottom and the endless vegetation.

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Chitradurga Fort Trek:

The fort spans multiple hills and lies on a ridge with a panoramic view of Chitradurga District’s flat valley. Chitrakaldurga is the name of the fort, which means “picturesque fort” in Kannada. Chitradurga fort is 200 kilometres from Bangalore, and the route takes you past highways that are flanked by an endless number of windmills. The fort is surrounded by seven walls that create a circle from the top of the hill to the lower level; the first and second stages are where Chitradurga presently stands.

The second and third stages, as well as the current official entry, may be driven on. Small holes that were used to spy on and as slits for firearms may be seen in the inner walls, which have been strengthened with stronger walls. There are also several wells built inside the fort for storing oil that was used to light lamps at the time.

The fort also has a large temple named Ekanatheshwari, and you can see several pillars that were used to suspend swings right next to it.

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Madhugiri Trek:

The view from the summit is breathtaking, with the entire region being covered in the lush foliage of the Thimmalapura forest and a tiny lake nearby. The climb to the summit will take you on a nostalgic tour of old structures. As you will see half-ruined fort walls, defence walls, and entrances. The walk is suitable for experienced hikers. If you are a newbie, make sure you are adequately prepared, as the hike difficulty varies depending on the season and the steep slopes in some areas of the hill.

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Kunti Betta Trek:

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It is located in the Mandya district, commonly known as “Sugar City,” around 130 kilometres from Bangalore. The approaching splendour of the sugar cane fields, as well as the overpowering fragrance of jaggery. Will make you feel like a kid in a candy store, thus the The walk begins at the foothill temple and fluctuates in difficulty from moderate to slightly challenging, depending on the season, but the trek to the peak is quite spectacular.

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