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ASHOK MOTORS has been in the tyres business since the year of 2002.. Our cutting-edge display areas are exceptional with the most recent tyre transformers, wheel arrangement frameworks, wheel balancers, and Nitrogen filling machines.

We are an Authorized Dealer for Apollo Tyres, Bridgestone tyres, Michelin tyres, Pirelli Tyres, Ceat Tyres, Yokohama Tyres.

Our stores are available in Sector-16 and Sector – 51 Noida.

Ashok Motors we have Family Car tyres, Luxury Car tyres, SUV tyres, Bike and Superbike tyres, and Commercial Vehicle tyres. We have arranged stock available – tyres for Mercedes Benz, tyres for Audi, tyres for Range drifter, tyres for BMW, tyres for Jaguar, tyres for Porche, tyres for Land cruiser, tyres for Volvo car and other premium vehicles.


Honda City is a fantasy vehicle for numerous purchasers because of its tasteful highlights and slick looks. This extravagant vehicle is planned with the best driving experience and solaces. The new-age Honda City configuration has been disavowed more enthusiastically with reached out inside space. Be that extravagant as it may, aside from the quality motor and different pieces of Honda City what is the main part to run your vehicle. Indeed, the response is tyred. Purchasing the best tyre for Honda City builds the presentation of the vehicle as well as assumes a significant part when we discuss street security.

Here in this article, we have shared the data for the best tyres for Honda City in various assembling brands with determinations and selling costs. However, before that here we will talk about various models of Honda


The accessibility of Honda City tyres in the market is extremely immense. you can purchase Honda City tyres in different brands, for example, Apollo tyres, Michelin tyres, Bridgestone tyres, and some more. Here we have sifted the top and best 5 brands of Honda City tyres which makes your drive profoundly agreeable and protected while you drive your vehicle. We should view the determination and cost of Honda City tyres in India.

1. MRF ZVTV 175/65 R15-1 84T tyre FOR HONDA CITY

MRF plan and assembles the best quality tyres for bikes and four-wheelers. The most recent and great track design in MRF tyres gives a protected and safe driving experience. MRF plans the best quality ZVTV 175/65 R15-1 84T tyres for Honda City that make areas of strength for an out and about with extraordinary equilibrium and solace. These high-performing tyres are accessible with an 84.0 burden file and interlock fastens that expand the firmness of blocks. A couple of the best elements are recorded underneath,


Michelin tyres for vehicles is the most solid brand that makes the best hold and most recent track design Ashok Motors tyres. All the tyres keep guideline standards to give a safe and secure ride out and about. The Michelin Energy XM2 175/65 R15-1 84H tyre for Honda City is generally reasonable and the most ideal decision because of its quality exhibition. Alongside the Honda City, this four-wheeler tyre brand is additionally the most ideal decision for Mini Cooper, Tata Bolt, Honda Brio, Jazz, and some more.

  • A solid grasp on wet as well as dry surfaces.
  • This tyre makes a 22% decrease in moving to rub.
  • It is an area of strength for a tough tyre.
  • It has Low moving obstruction which adds to fuel savings.

3. CEAT 105833 SECURA DRIVE 175/65 R15 TUBELESS tyre

CEAT is a very notable and believed tyre fabricating brand in India. They plan and produce tubeless vehicle tyres for premium cars in the Indian car industry. The vast majority like to purchase CEAT tyres because of their strong, stable, and rapid exhibition. Likewise, the CEAT tyre for Honda City is intended to make serious areas of strength for any sort of surface.

  • Great control on wet surfaces.
  • It permits surefooted slowing down under wet and dry surfaces.

4. BRIDGESTONE B250 TL 175/65 R15-1 87T

World-driving tyre producing brand Bridgestone tyres available to be purchased set a benchmark because of its top-notch and sturdy execution. The Bridgestone B250 TL 175/65 R15-1 87T tyre is an optimal counterpart for Ashok Motors Honda City.

The most recent plan and track example of this tyre make major areas of strength for the tyre out and about while you driving your vehicle. Likewise, the additional elastic layer on this tyre gives the avoidance of any risky harm. Most vehicle proprietors love to purchase this tyre because of its great slowing mechanism on the weight surface. A couple of additional extra highlights of Bridgestone tyre,

  • Heavenly slowing down and taking care of control on wet surfaces.
  • Nonstop nylon wrap on the tyre to make areas of strength for it.
  • Additional elastic layer to diminish the gamble of cut on the tyre.

5. JK tyre 175/65 R15 UX ROYALE TUBELESS tyre

Assuming that you are a speed darling and searching for a tyre that gives you the best presentation on high velocity then the JK tyre for vehicles is the most ideal choice for you. The JK tyre offers a 2+ years genuine guarantee. A couple of additional elements of these tyres settle on them an optimal decision for Honda City.

  • The maximum velocity of this tyre is 240 km.
  • JK tyre accompanies 2 years guarantee.
  • Profoundly reasonable for Honda City with advantageous drive.

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