Frozen trekking route over the Zanskar stream, iridescent methods, fascinating views Associate in Nursingd completely totally different expertise in itself; head covering trek is a final winter destination for trekkers. 

Cutting through the snow-clad mountains and trekking for seven days before finally reaching the Tibb Caves; the aura of the trek won’t cross you. However, the extent of the trek being troublesome, it’s essential to be absolutely ready for this trek before deciding to lead off it. Here may be a deconstructed guide to the head covering Trek.

To expertise the beauty of the frozen trek, it’s extremely instructed to try to to the trek from beginning Gregorian calendar month to Gregorian calendar month. it’s the time once the stream has ideally frozen for trekkers to run upon. throughout now, the wonder of Zanskar is at its peak- the expertise of walking on frozen streams, waterfalls, and methods.


The altitude, the intense cold, and therefore the chilly wind will get to your nerves terribly} very unwelcoming manner if you are doing not prepare yourself properly for the trek. A seven-day journey, the trek will get feverish and intolerable if the variables get to you. an additional step is needed because the general trekking gear won’t do. things like an additional try of socks, waterproof gloves, body heaters, flask bottles, energy-releasing pouches, trekking rods, and gumboots will build a large distinction.

You can check out the cold treks of Sandakphu Trek, where you can see the snow covered treks of sikkim. 

It is not solely necessary to hold the proper gear, however, to arrange your body for the trek. Trekking at eleven,000+ ft. throughout the height of winters, needs one to be physically prepared for any challenges. bivouacking at sub-zero degrees will get troublesome if you haven’t acclimatized properly. It’s therefore advocated to start out physical exercise time period before the trek which can later facilitate your lungs to conform higher. it’s additionally suggested to familiarise yourself with long walks. you’ll be able to additionally get your medicals done before the trek. this can assist you in observation your fitness level.


Follow your trek leader- Associate in Nursing intimate with individual, UN agency is related to you, might have technical information regarding the trek that you just could also be unaware regarding.

Inform your friends and family regarding the trek itinerary earlier.

Intake nourishing food and liquid because the trek is long and sporting. Consume the maximum amount of water as you’ll be able to notwithstanding you are doing not want. Dehydration hits the body suddenly and unexpectedly throughout waterlessness and winters.

Carry your own personal medical kit. this will embrace your personal medicines and therefore the basic ones.

Keep yourself heat. The temperatures area unit surprisingly low throughout the daytime and hover between fifteen to twenty degrees whereas they plummet any to -25 to -35 degrees throughout the evening time. Avoid obtaining your garments wet because it becomes nearly not possible to dry them.

Walk sedately over the ice sheet. Take every step with utter care.


Climate change is real. don’t litter anywhere. Carry a tiny low bag during which you’ll be able to keep disposing of your waste.

Do not venture off alone or while not informing anyone. The weather within the mountains is unpredictable and a sharp modification will be fatal. It’s forever safest to follow your trek leader.

Do not skip any meal. Skipping meals like breakfast and lunch will and can have an effect on the functioning of your body.

Do not panic if you are feeling like your body is discarding. it’s forever sensible to require an opportunity to move forward. This additionally suggests that don’t rush or push. Analyze your body’s capabilities and trek consequently.

Things to hold On head covering Trek

Apart from the items that embrace in your head covering the trip package, there may be a list of things that you’ve got to hold with you whereas trekking to the Zanskar stream.

Trekking Boots

Reusable Water Bottles

Hiking Fleece Jackets

Sunscreen and balm

Toilet Paper

Hand Sanitizers

First Aid Box

Medicines (Personal Medicines and Medicines for top Altitude Sickness)

Ready to eat Food

Chocolate Bars


Garbage bag


Woolen Gloves

So before embarking on this epic journey, you wish 3 days of adjustment in Leh. however, some trekkers don’t concentrate on the current and leave the day once they arrive. These areas unit the folks that notice it troublesome to run on the frozen stream.

People pay a great deal of cash on this dream trek on trekking tours, gears, and different fees and don’t need to compromise notwithstanding they suffer from altitude sickness.

Also, several inexperienced organizers area units compromising on adjustment and medical checkups. the case will worsen once unfit trekkers area unit deep into the head covering trek, wherever there aren’t any emergency medical aids.

Fortunately, the Ladakh administration has regularised the head covering frozen stream trek by delivery in some normal precautions and procedures for hikers and organizers. this suggests you wish three-day adjustment in Leh, a necessary checkup before the trek at Leh, and medical insurance.

Also, trekkers should acquire the no-objection certificate from ALTOA to get permission from the Department of life. Approval is granted to every traveler solely once the preparation of medical certificate.

The second is to arrange for your healthiness. begin functioning on your fitness a minimum of a month before the trek. though the path doesn’t have steep ascents or descents, the altitude is comparatively high, which in and of itself may be a danger.

At this altitude, the air becomes dilutant, and there’s less element, and you’ll have hassle respiration.

An exercise routine for a minimum of four weeks before the trek may be a smart place to begin. this could embrace vessel and strength coaching. Cardio coaching can assist you to confirm and assist you in clearing the scrutiny at Leh.

There is an extended trekking distance that you just can cowl by walking on the frozen stream together with your bag. this will be onerous on your legs. So, strength coaching can facilitate building your muscles.

Finally, notice the most effective head covering trek organizers UN agency are trekking the head covering for several years. they create positive there aren’t any compromises on gears like tents and sleeping luggage to assist you to survive the night in negative temperatures.

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