Ashok Motors is the best Yokohama tyre seller in Noida because they have each size and every sort of tyre for all vehicles. They are avowed or the most notable seller of the bike, vehicle, transport, truck, and other vehicle tyres in Yokohama. The japan based adaptable social occasion in general firm offers its steady help with different nations. Ashok Motor is India’s Largest Online Yokohama tyres Dealer in Noida, Which has a colossal association that offers absolute help for Bike and Car Yokohama tyres in India. The vehicle tyres made by Yokohama are available with high resolute steel belts which help to remain mindful of the power of tyres at high speed. The updated plan with an authoritative body broadens the unwavering quality and grievances in Yokohama tyres.

Purchase Yokohama tyres in Noida, Ashok Motors is the best Yokohama trader in Noida with the transparency in each sort and size of Yokohama tyres. We are a reliable shop for Yokohama bicycle, vehicle, transport, truck, and other vehicle tyres. Everything we sell is solid and solid in each climatic condition and street type. We offer both on the web and separated requests in different social occasion brands including Yokohama. Ashok Motors tyre shop confides in serving quality assistance to our significant clients. All tyres go with an unequivocal confirmation so if you get any issue during the affirmation time frame in a reasonable turn of events and taking into account the arrangements.

Journey of Yokohama

Yokohama was begun as a joint endeavor in 1917 between two organizations. Starting around 2014, the organization has an income of $5.2 billion. The organization centres around race vehicle driving and the heft of its tyre brands are centred around that market. Its tyres are utilized in the World Touring Car Championship embodying its attention on very good quality execution driving. The organization offers various brands of tyres.

The Advan tyre is worked for serious rapid driving and gives an additional lift in-vehicle taking care. While the Yokohama name is generally connected with resellers’ exchange adjustment and hustling, Yokahama constructs tyres for ordinary use also. The Avid and BluEarth brand is intended to address the issues of ordinary buyers. These brands center around eco-friendliness, long life, and great slowing down. In Dubai’s circumstances, these are great for regular shoppers.

One more added benefit is that these two brands have a lower beginning cost. Then, at that point, there are the Geolander tyres which are ‘Intended to go anyplace’. These tyres are like that of Bridgestone’s Dueler image and are intended for vehicles with rough terrain capacities. These are incredible thinking about Dubai’s territory. These tyres give extraordinary foothold and expanded taking care of, without extra tyre wear.

Why Yokohama tyres are best for your vehicle?

Your vehicle gives you a helpful life. You must deal with the vehicle’s necessities. From suspension to tyres, each part ought to be in great shape for the vehicle to perform at an ideal level. The tyre brand you use decides how long the tyres will endure. Utilizing tyres of good quality is ideal.

The rundown of top tyre brands is long and Yokohama tyres hold an extraordinary position there. The organization produces all-around constructed modest tyres that are made of the greatest elastic quality. It conveys tyres that keep going long and don’t wear rashly.


While purchasing tyres, security ought to be your need. tyres that guarantee security and don’t burst effectively are great and ought to be purchased. Yokohama tyres are planned so your life is never endangered. Its tyres’ areas of strength are strong as they can endure knocks and contact with stones and shakes.


The element that decides your tyre’s life is quality. Better the quality, longer the existence of your tyres. The innovative progressions utilized by the Yokohama tyres while assembling their items guarantee that the tyres delivered are of amazing quality. You pay for premium quality tyres and that is the thing you get. The organization utilizes a combination of normal and manufactured elastic with orange oil to deliver tyres of prevalent quality.


Yokohama produces tyres by utilizing different creative advancements. The tyres are shipped off the market after complete assessments and tests. Arising advancements give better plans and highlights.

Quiet rides

The greatest benefit of purchasing tyres from Yokohama is the quiet rides. Their tyres are quiet and make immaterial commotion while moving. This gives you agreeable and quiet rides. Presently you can joyfully appreciate drives with your friends and family. The organization utilizes a 5-pitch variety track plan to limit the development of clamors.

Size and Design

The organization plans tyres in practically all sizes. You can without much of a stretch access the size you want. The track plan of Yokohama tyres is novel. They give you an extraordinary foothold while cornering. You get an incredibly amazing hold on wet and frigid streets. These tyres don’t break down rapidly and that is the best thing about them.


Yokohama has served the business for over 100 years. For such an extremely long time, the organization has made incredible progress and has acquired customers’ trust. Their tyres are generally sold and individuals favour getting them due to their presentation.

You spend a weighty sum on purchasing another set of tyres. It feels like a complete misuse of cash and time when the tyres harm effectively and you are left with no choice except to purchase another pair. As is commonly said Prevention is superior to fixing, rather than getting tyres fixed over and over due to visit harms, areas of strength for purchase tyres. Strong tyres have the solidarity to get through unforgiving streets and weather patterns. You set aside cash over the long haul and get tyres of predominant quality.

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