UAE or United Arab Emirates is a monarchical federation of seven emirates with Abu Dhabi as its capital. Almost three fourth of land of UAE belongs to Abu Dhabi. This emirate bordering Saudi Arabia is epicenter of UAE’s oil industry but Dubai, capital of emirate of Dubai, has its own importance as leading commercial and financial hub of UAE and the world.

This port city is one of the most preferred destinations for multinational companies for setting up base. Demand for Indian basmati rice is huge in UAE and it is popular across all seven emirates of UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ras al khaimah).

Rumor about impending ban on basmati rice export from India fueling demand in UAE: 

Demand for Indian has gone up recently in whole Middle East including UAE. Since government of India banned wheat exports and limited sugar exports, rumor is rife in the air that rice export will also be banned. This has pushed up demand for from Dubai, UAE. Middle Eastern buyers are ready to pay premium over already soaring prices of Indian in global market.

Offers of premium for urgent shipping from Middle Eastern buyers to exporters is now new normal because of anticipation of ban on exports from India. In present scenario next generation B2B procurement platform can be of great help to both ‘Indian’ exporters and buyers engaged in bulk basmati rice export to UAE. Both sellers and buyers can register on this enquiry-to-delivery B2B platform using easy steps.

Competitive prices and low yield of basmati rice in India last kharif season also fuels demand:

Not only rumors but other reasons are also fueling sudden rise in demand for Indian basmati rice. Prices of Indian are very competitive compared to Pakistani. Price of in Pakistan is soaring and even after offering premium for urgent shipping, importers find Indian cheaper.

Another reason is shortfall of production of basmati rice in India last kharif season. Instead of usual 8 million tonnes India produced only 6.5 to 7 million tonnes of rice last kharif season because of unseasonal rains during the season of harvest. This hit exports to Middle Eastern countries including UAE, so extra exports is bound to happen.  

Re-export of rice by UAE also behind high demand of Indian basmati rice in UAE:

There is a big reason for high demand of Indian basmati rice in UAE as UAE has been re-exporting Indian, mainly to Iran. Largest re-exporter of rice in the world is non-other than UAE and it offers cheapest FOB price to numerous destinations. As far as re-exports of rice is concerned. 81% of total re-export of rice is done by UAE. Practice of indirect export of Indian to Iran via UAE is not new. It has helped India to maintain its stranglehold on global trade.

Dubai has very much been a stopover for export of Indian to Iran and Indian exporters have put Dubai ports to good use to sell basmati rice to Iran. Iran has also used ports of Dubai to overcome its deficit in supply. Iran’s production is not enough to fulfill its domestic demand and needs imports. So, re-export of by UAE can’t be discounted as a reason for high demand of Indian.                                

Varieties of Indian basmati rice in demand in UAE:

India is largest exporter of basmati rice globally and major exporter to UAE. Various varieties of Indian are popular across all seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ras al khaimah) of UAE federation. Many varieties of rice like, Sharbati, sugandha. are imported by UAE from India. 

1121 basmati rice- This extra-long grain variety ofis hugely popular in UAE. It stands out among all aromatic rice varieties. Bulk procurement of this variety of is made easy by enquiry-to-delivery B2B procurement platform. Buyers from Dubai or other emirates of UAE can buy through keeping in mind our reputation in Middle East, Europe and USA.

Pusa basmati 1509 rice- One of the most favorite varieties of UAE basmati rice importers, it is mostly produced in India. This is a semi-dwarf variety and takes shortest duration for maturity among all varieties of. next generation B2B procurement platform can be trusted by buyers from UAE for import of this variety for deal closing best prices. 

Sugandha basmati rice-

This long grain basmati rice variety is parboiled and its exotic aroma at the time of cooking is its identity. This is popular in UAE and enquiry-to-delivery B2B platform can be. Used by buyers and sellers for import of this variety of rice into UAE from India.   

Sella basmati rice- This partially boiled long grain variety is very popular in UAE and is very suitable for biryani. Rice importers from UAE can rely on next gen B2B procurement platform for import of this variety of. 

UAE importers can rely on for import of all other varieties of securely and likewise Indian basmati rice exporters can trust for exporting of every variety to UAE. Importing rice from India is more or less impulsive for many UAE rice importers; they simply can’t explore other options. Every exporter of in India knows this fact and works hard to maintain the faith. offers huge benefits to rice importers in UAE. It can be concluded that competitive pricing, import deficit last season, re-export of rice by UAE and above all anticipation. Of impending ban on exports out of india is fueling high demand for indian basmati rice in UAE

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