The Western Ghats with all their splendor. Deep in the Western Ghats in the area of Shimoga and occupying its position as the 10th highest mountain in the Stateof Kerala, Kodachadri is an oasis of lush green roads that wind through dense tropical forests, beautiful waterfalls and intriguing geomorphologies. It is located within the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary It is also the backdrop that is the Moola Mookambika Temple, believed to be the site of the birthplace of goddess Mookambika. Looking at the sunset into the Arabian Sea from its height is a wonderful experience. a variety of ocean and mountains that not many coastlines in the country are able to showcase.


Position: Near Kollur, Shimoga District, Karnataka

Kodachadri Trek Distance: 14 km approximately

Route type: Dense Tropical Rainforests, meadows and waterfalls as well as the cliffs

Travel Duration: One day

Kodachadri Peak Height: 1,343 meters above sea level

GRADE Moderate (No prior experience necessary)


There are a variety of trekking routes that lead up to Kodachadri Peak. There are three major routes to the mountainthat are far from other lesser well-known routes. The most well-known and, in addition, the most difficult is the one through Hidlumane Falls beginning from either Sampekatte or Marakuttaka. The path is rough and steep, and requires you to travel through dense forests with gentle creeks and even lift a waterfall , which turns out to be an entire ballgame in monsoons that are at their peak. In spite of the challenges however, the journey to the top is one that you will remember and relish as you are transported to another worldwith awe-inspiring views, lush forests, and a gruelling climb at every turn.

Another route that is comparatively easier is that starts starting from Karakatte by Santhosh Hotel, Valur (Trek Route 2 in the picture above). Private cars can drive close to the tiny space that houses the inn, and begin the trek from there. It is about 4 minutes to get up the top.

The third is one for jeeps and is the longest of the three, and one you’ll hold down on the descent from Kodachadri If you decide to choose the jeep.

The three trails end with The Moola Mookambika temple which also has an PWD guesthouse and two homestays that provide a landmark to follow on the way to the high cliff. From here, the mountain is more than 2 kilometers.

Best time of year to visit

It is said that the Kodachadri trekking is a trek that can be enjoyed all the time and every season is elegant. But, the monsoon, or post-monsoon time is also the best time to visit because the landscapes here are alive with the emergence of leafy vegetation. But heavy rains as well as the uncertain Kodachadri conditions can make traveling the cascades more difficult and the journey here can be a bit more difficult.


Kodachadri is located on the highway Shimoga-Kollur, which has Kollur being the closest (20 kilometers) that connects to major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai via buses. Its distance from Kodachadri From Bangalore is approximately 400 km by road. The ideal route is Bangalore up to Tumkur and then Tiptur and then Arsikere. And then Tarikere up to Shimoga and then Hosanagara and Hosanagara to Nittur. From Kerala; Mangalore to Udupi to Baindur to Kollur to Kollur Nittur.

The nearest railway station is Kundapura approximately 50 km away from Kollur and the nearest. Airport is located at Mangalore which is located more than 150 km away from the same.


The folks at PTU have arranged our stay in a homestay close. To Sampekatte located just a short drive from the initial point of our journey. It was as close to the home of a guesthouse as you could be and the true vegetarian cuisine the hosts served was a delight for the uninitiated, a bit of information in itself. In addition, there was a remarkably tranquil old couple who ran the hotel, who took care of all your needs.

There are a few additional homestays that are also available throughout the region. But, reservations are required for every one of them.

If you’d like to stay closer to the Kodachadri highest point, your only option is to. Reserve rooms in the PWD guesthouse located close to The Moola Mookambika Temple. There are also a couple of homestays in the area that provide the basic necessities. Camping on the Kodachadri summit, however was strictly banned from Forest Department since January 2015. Forest Department since January 2015.


A big and small 20-liter backpack, two 1-liter water containers, a raincoat due. To the unpredictable Kodachadri temperatures, hat to protect yourself from sunburn. A few energy drinks, A sturdy pair of shoes with good grip is. A must (Waterproofing is not a requirement, but it is a great option when traversing cascades or streams). Pants or track pants give a narrowly higher level of protection from hungry squirts over shorts. However these suckers will get inside regardless.

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