Health and happiness are treasures in your life, and they help you stay highly motivated at work. Many people have low morale and productivity levels because they are unhappy. Stress and tackling the pressures of home and work are two primary reasons why people are miserable, leading to poor performance at work. They suffer from negative thought patterns and are pessimistic about life. All of the above can change if they wake up and change their attitude by investing in self-health and happiness; now the question is how?

Business development expert Sharon Deflorio explains how you can be healthy and happy

Sharon Deflorio is a business development specialist from Norwalk, CT, in the USA, widely respected for her proven track record in building valuable client relationships, generating qualified leads, and boosting the revenue margins of all the companies she has worked with. She is a good team leader and motivational figure to everyone working with her.

Career advancement and professional development

She graduated in science from The John Jay College of Criminal Justice in America and believes in professional development for career advancement. This positive attitude led her to complete a Mastering Sales Course from Northwestern | Kellogg, and she later received a Paralegal Certification from Adelphi University in the USA. She also completed a certification course from The Center for The Media Arts in Broadcasting and Media.

Exercise for good health

According to her, an effective way to be happy and stay motivated at work is to indulge in regular physical activity daily. Health is wealth, and you should exercise for at least 30 minutes daily.

Sports to keep you fit and active

If you are not fond of exercise or do not want to join a gym to work out. You can indulge in any sport of choice. She is a multi-sport athlete and loves to play tennis, and enjoys half-marathons, cycling, and swimming. Likewise, you can choose any sport you like to remain fit.

Exercise or any form of physical activity helps you release endorphins in the brain that make you feel happier. When you exercise for good health, you can keep stress at bay. When you exercise daily, you handle workplace stress better, have high morale, and successfully boost productivity levels at work.

Diet and sleep

You need to pay attention to your diet and sleep with exercise or sports. Ensure you eat balanced nutritious meals and get at least 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep daily.

Avoid alcohol and smoking as much as possible to combat work pressure. You can switch to slow, deep breathing exercises or meditation to keep negative patterns and habits at bay.

According to Sharon Deflorio, embracing positive habits and a disciplined lifestyle goes the extra mile in making you happy and healthy. Work stress and pressure are part and parcel of life; however, if you exercise, eat right, and sleep soundly at night, you can battle them better with a positive attitude!

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