The Stardew Valley wiki, an online encyclopedia that covers every aspect of the game, has become one of the most popular gaming sites on the Internet. If you’re new to this highly addictive farming simulation RPG, then you should definitely bookmark this wiki before delving into the vast world of Stardew Valley. This guide will take you through everything that the Stardew Valley Wiki has to offer so that you can get the most out of it without having to spend hours hunting down specific articles and links on your own.

How is this different from other stardew valley wiki?

This wiki goes in-depth for every farming guide, character information, and miscellaneous tidbits of knowledge. Everything is presented in an easy-to-follow format, which will help you learn how to play from beginners and veterans alike. The Stardew Valley Wiki hosts hundreds of pages and has thousands of articles with detailed farming strategies. This wiki will tell you about all things.

stardew valley wiki Getting Started

The first step is creating your character. You will be able to choose from one of several preset looks or create your own by selecting various facial features, hair style and color, eye color, and clothing options. Choose carefully. You can change your clothes at any time, but you cannot change your appearance (other than facial features) until later in the game when you unlock a saloon that offers plastic surgery services. 

When selecting a hairstyle, bear in mind that in addition to affecting how you look, it also affects whether or not you get haircuts for free. For example: choosing Short Hair prevents people from cutting their hair for free but choosing Long Hair causes some characters (Rabbits and children) to cut it without any payment at all.

After choosing your appearance, you’ll need to select a name. You can choose one of eight preset names (such as Abigail, Alex, or Emily) or enter a custom name if you’d like.

stardew valley wiki Collecting Crops

This section discusses how to make money by growing crops. In your first year, you should focus on corn and turnips, as they are relatively easy to grow while producing a good amount of profit. After your first year, you will unlock blueberry, cherry, and strawberry plants. It is recommended that you plant these around your 4th year as they are very profitable for selling. These will be the main source of income for you in the late game. 

In addition to fruit crops, you also have access to more traditional crops, such as tomatoes and potatoes, later in the game, which can also be sold at a high price due to their great quality traits. For reference, it takes 21 days for strawberries or blueberries to fully mature, while it takes 19 days for them both combined (38 days total).

Also, there is a crop that you can grow in winter called cotton. It takes 60 days for it to fully mature and sells for 100g. This will help with getting that gold star rating.

Animal Care

On your farm, you can keep many different types of animals. These are mainly for food and profit, but they also come with additional benefits such as gifts or pet training. There are six kinds of animals in total: chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, and ducks. The first three are meat animals, producing eggs (chickens), milk (cows), and wool (sheep). Rabbits breed quickly and have higher sell-value than other meats (although still lower than all crops). Ducks lay eggs that can be sold at Pierre’s shop.

Secret Rooms in the Mines

There are two secret rooms in The Mines that don’t show up on any of your maps. There’s a spot just west of The Mines where some rocks are blocking a passageway. You can move these rocks using your pickaxe, though they’ll reset every day, so you’ll have to move them again every day. Once you make it inside, head through several more rock walls, and you’ll find yourself in a small cavern with another rock wall blocking your path. This one can’t be destroyed using your pickaxe. Instead, there’s a button hidden somewhere in here that will open it for you.

There’s also a hidden room south of The Mines. If you keep heading south past Gus’ shop until you find some trees, head west through them, and you’ll see a rock wall. You can destroy it with your pickaxe or move it using your hoe (once you get one). Once inside, follow several more rock walls, and you’ll find yourself in another small cavern with yet another rock wall blocking your path. This one can be destroyed with your pickaxe. Once you do so, a ladder will appear that will lead down into an underground area where there are several items for sale at Pierre’s General Store.

Spouse and Children

You can marry a spouse in Stardew Valley and have kids. To be able to marry someone, you first need a house. House plots are purchased at Robin’s real estate office after being approved by Mayor Lewis. There is only one real estate office, and every character in your game will share it, so if someone else buys your plot of land first, you’ll have to wait until they leave or die before having another shot.

You’ll also need enough gold coins to purchase a wedding ring, which is available at Pierre’s General Store. Only one wedding ring can be held at a time, so once you’re married, you won’t be able to propose again until you break up with your spouse and either give back their ring or purchase another one. If both of those options aren’t appealing, but you still want multiple rings for aesthetic purposes only, there is an alternative.

stardew valley wiki Crafting Items

Crafting is a very important part of the game. With many items in your inventory and needing something that you’re not able to make with what you have, crafting comes in handy. You will also use these items once you start building structures on your farm.

Every crafting item starts with a recipe. A crafting recipe shows you what items you need and in what order, as well as their quality. This is great because once you have completed a craft before. It will be easier to do another one because it will remind you. How many steps you have gone through.

Multiplayer Gameplay Tips

The easiest way to win at a multiplayer game, or in any competitive situation. Is to just be a little bit better than your competitors. By being able to do some things they can’t and being able to capitalize on that. You’ll take all of their resources for yourself and win every time. In Stardew Valley, there are two major areas where you can gain an advantage. Knowledge about what your opponents are doing and superior farming skills. If you want to do well in multiplayer games, it’s important that you understand both of these areas.


The Stardew Valley wiki is filled with a plethora of tips, guides. Walkthroughs for players looking for some help in certain areas. However, it can be difficult to find what you need amid pages upon pages of information. This guide aims to serve as an overview of all aspects of play. That players can quickly and easily find, what they are looking for. Even if they’re not sure exactly what that may be. I hope it helps.

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