Ashok motors is the best tire shop in Noida Situated in the Delhi-NCR area, ASHOK MOTORS has been in the tire business since 2002. Our state-of-the-art show regions are outstanding with the latest tire transformers, wheel course of action structures, wheel balancers, and Nitrogen filling machines

We have prepared stock accessories – Tires for Mercedes Benz, Tires for Audi, Tires for Range meander, Tires for BMW, Tires for Jaguar, Tires for Porsche, Tires for Landcruiser, Tires for Volvo and other premium vehicles.

Functions of Tyres

  • It upholds the heap on vehicles
  • It assimilates shock during movement
  • It empowers to alternate to the left or right
  •  It helps with getting the best speed increment and dialing back

Properties of Tyres

  • Non-slipping: – The tire ought to have a decent hold with the goal that it can defeat sliding.
  • Clamor safe: There should be the most minor commotion from tires during driving.
  • Ideal Load conveying limit: – The tire size and material ought to chosen so that it can convey vehicle load and endure fluctuating pressure during the unrest.
  • Least power utilization: – Tire sends power from motor to street so there ought to  the least power misfortune in the tire to get improved productivity.
  • Uniform Wear: – The wear around the tire ought to be uniform with the goal that there is no issue of unbalancing.
  • Ought to be even: – The weight and aspects of all tires are with the end goal that, that it is progressively adjusted.
  • Palatable padding: – The tire ought to have great shock-retaining properties so it can assimilate vibrations by the street to give padding impact.

Main Components of Tyres

Belts: These are elastic covered layers of rayon, steel, fiberglass, and different materials which are situated in mid of the track and handle, across at points, which hold the utilizes to set up. NOIDA It gives protection from penetrates and assists tracks with being in touch with the street.

Sipes: These are extraordinary sorts of tracks inside the track which work on tractive exertion on various street surfaces.

Tread: The part of the tire comes in straightforward contact with the street. It ought to have higher strength and great intensity dissemination property for good existence of tire.

Grooves: It is the spaces given on the external layer of the tire which interact with the street. It gives space for water to stream and rubbing.

Shoulder: It is the outside edge of the track which wraps into the sidewall area.

Sidewall: It is the portion of the tire that expose to the environment and does not come in contact with the road. It protects cord plies. NOIDA it is likewise use to highlight tire markings and data, for example, tire size and type.

Inner Liner: It is the deepest layer of a tubeless tire. It keeps the movement of air from inside to outside as well as the reverse way around.

Types of Tyres 

Based on the Tube used:

Tube Tyre:

 It is the most usually utilize sort of tire. It encases an elastic cylinder which is load up with air at high tension. The external part is made of manufacture elastic which is known as the track. Inside the tire, dots are framed with the assistance of built-up steel wires. Dots fill in serious areas of strength for as for the wheel edge. NOIDA Various heaps are frame by rayon lines. Lines give solidarity to the tires.

Tubeless Tyre:

At the current time utilization of this tire is consistently expanding. This tire doesn’t encase a cylinder. The high-pressure air is fill in the actual tire. The inner highlights and development of this tire are equivalent to the cylinder tire. 

These tires are lighter and cooler than tube tires. The primary benefit of this is that it saves air for quite a while even after being penetrate and the opening in the tubeless tire can without much of a stretch fix. NOIDA These tires are otherwise called pneumatic tires.

Advantages of Tubeless Tyre

  1. These tires give better cooling.
  2. They upgrade the ride quality and make it agreeable.
  3. These tires grant more slow spillage of air.
  4. They have a somewhat straightforward get-together.
  5. These tires have less weight.

Based on Construction:

Cross Ply Tyre Construction

It is otherwise called predisposition to employ tire development. This tire has a superior obstruction against wear. They have a great attachment to the street. Cross-employ tires comprise cadaver layers produce using nylon rope which is put askew alongside one another in the track and the sidewalls, at a point of 50 degrees. Numerous elastic employs stacked over one another structure a thick layer, which makes them less adaptable thus they are more delicate to overheating. These tires give areas of strength for an inflexible sidewall.

Advantages of Cross Ply Tyre

  • These tires give high vehicle dependability.
  • They additionally give great obstruction against sidewall harm.
  • These tires are prudent as their creation is less expensive.

Disadvantages of Cross Ply Tyre

  • Because of the moving opposition, these tires heat up rapidly.
  • Cross-utilize tires are inflexible, and end up being less agreeable.
  • Because of the great opposition of the tire, the fuel utilization is high.

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