Katerina Tikhonova is the more youthful little girl of Russian President Vladimir Putin. She is a gymnastic artist and is related with the Moscow State College (MSU). The site of MSU likewise specifies that she is joined to the Mechanics and Math Staff and is a co-writer of a part in a number related reading material as well as six logical papers beginning around 2011.

She is running two freely supported projects at the College, the Public Scholarly Improvement Establishment (NIDF) and the Public Scholarly Hold Place (NIRC), and supervises Innopraktika, a $1.7 billion venture to grow its grounds. She has purportedly marked agreements worth a few million bucks from state-possessed associations that she coordinates.

In Walk 2015,

she was named as a representative bad habit minister of the college. She partakes in the specialty dance discipline, gymnastic rock’n’roll, in which an artist couple plays out a combination of lively moving and virtuosic aerobatic moves. In 2013, she and her accomplice came fifth in a big showdown occasion in Switzerland. She likewise stands firm on senior administration footings at the World Rock’n’Roll Confederation and the Russian public organization.

Speedy Realities

Otherwise called: Yekaterina Vladimirovna Tikhonova

Age: 36 Years, 36 Year Old Females

Family: Companion/Ex-: Kirill Shamalov (2013-2018)

Father: Vladimir Putin

Mother: Lyudmila Putina

Kin: Mariya Putina

katerina tikhonova Childhood & Early Life

Katerina Tikhonova was brought into the world as Ekaterina Putina on August 31, 1986 in Dresden, East Germany, Vladimir Putin was posted while he was working for KGB. She is the more youthful girl of Putin and his ex Lyudmila Putina, and has a more seasoned sister named Mariya Putina. Her mom, who had once uncovered that Putin adores his two girls without a doubt, got separated from him in 2013.

katerina tikhonova dropped her dad’s last name and embraced the patronymic name of her maternal grandma, Yekaterina Tikhonovna Shkrebneva, as her last name. She went to German School Moscow, and later finished Oriental investigations from St. Petersburg College, spend significant time in Japanese and history. She is at present appended to Moscow State College.

katerina tikhonova Ascend to Fame

Since Vladimir Putin expected power in 2000, hypothesis has been overflowing that Katerina Tikhonova is his more youthful little girl. Putin has painstakingly safeguarded his own life and that of his relatives from the media. By the by, various unknown sources who have seen her grow up from a kid have affirmed the bits of gossip throughout the long term and she has remained in the news continually. In 2011, Putin let Russian TV know that she had finished Oriental examinations, represent considerable authority in Japanese and history, at St. Petersburg College. In January 2015, Russian blogger Oleg Kashin detailed that she was dynamic at Moscow State College and had taken the last name Tikhonova. During a similar time Gazprombank’s Andrey Akimov, and two senior scholastic sources affirmed her to be Putin’s more youthful girl.

As indicated by a January 2015 report

katerina tikhonova visited Switzerland along with Kirill Shamalov, during which she distinguished herself as his better half. In October 2017, it was accounted for that she was one of the leaders among the up and coming age of Russia’s tip top and that Putin was preparing her to lead the country later on. After lengthy hypothesis, it was affirmed on November 28, 2017 that Katerina Tikhonova was the little girl of Russian President Vladimir Putin after World Rock’n’Roll Confederation formally recognized her accordingly.

katerina tikhonova Marriage and Separation

In February 2013, Katerina Tikhonova wedded Kirill Shamalov, who is the child of her dad’s companion. Nikolay Shamalov, a co-proprietor of Rossiya Bank. Which U.S. authorities have depicted as the individual bank of the Russian first class. The wedding service was held in a vigorously protected. The secret occasion at Igora, a ski resort in the slopes about an hour’s. north of St. Petersburg, possessed by Putin’s companion Yuri Kovalchuk. The couple supposedly rode in a conventional Russian sled drawn by three white ponies, and the visitors wore white scarves weaved with the letters ‘K&K’ in red string.

Curiously, union with Putin’s more youthful little girl changed the fortune of the arising finance manager. He immediately ascended the positions of the Russia’s rich and procured stakes at the Russian petrochemical monster Sibur. Which raised the net worth of his fortune to $2 billion. The couple likewise possesses a four-story property in the French shoreline resort of Biarritz.

katerina tikhonova In January 2018 

refering to four mysterious sources, Bloomberg.com detailed that Katerina has isolated from her significant other Kirill. Supposedly, he sold his stake at Sibur and returned to functioning as a senior leader. Since his possession honors to those offers as Putin’s relative finished with the marriage.

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